Phiequipe and Tuccoli together at Salone Nautico di Venezia

The solid and functional Tuccoli fishermans and the elegant Phiequipe daycruisers and tenders for yachts that make up the Levriero range will attend together the Venice Boat Show to underline the same idea of ​​approach to pleasure boating.

The two realities, both in significant growth due to the commercial results achieved in the last year, have decided to share the exhibition spaces from May 28th to June 5th at the stand in Mare Laguna area in the capital of the Serenissima Republic.

After the announced partnership at the last Genoa Boat Show, that was aimed at the production of Levriero boats by PHIEQUIPE with Tuccoli’s construction skills, the partnership between the two brands of Italian shipbuilding made in Tuscany is renewing.
In fact, the synergy between two companies led to the birth of two new models: MB19 Jet Levriero, launched in February 2022, and the MB21 Laguna which will be presented at the Venice Boat Show.

The decision of Paolo Sanguettola and Carlo Tonarelli, respectively CEO of Tuccoli and General Manager of Phiequipe, starts precisely from a similarity and complementarity.
The first is represented by the same idea of ​​pleasure boats, or rather how a pleasure boats must be first designed and then built.

A practical and functional approach: it starts from a careful analysis of the contents that the boat must bring with it, and, consequently, from the design of the water lines, deck layout, systems and on-board equipment. The safety and longevity of the boats are guaranteed due to methods and materials used during the construction.
It doesn’t matter if we think about a fisherman to be used in every condition, or about an elegant dayboat used for leisure.

The complementarity of Tuccoli and Phiequipe is constituted precisely by the different destination of the creations of the two yards, which are aimed at different audiences, and therefore without the risk of mutual interference in the range.

Furthermore, there is a reconnection of both to the long tradition of the Tuscan pleasure boating industry, which has represented one of the national reference centers since the 1960s.