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The Industrial Design activity was born in the year 2007 and some of our studies were developped and built. In 2009 we designed the SERIEUNO and SERIEDUE (interior decoration systems). We are working on their marketing for a luxury target.
In 2011, we are realizing the prototype for a luxury tender MB11.

Among these experiences, we can report:

  • ARCIBALDO: study for a fold bed
  • ARCHIMEDE: suspended book shelf
  • TRENTA: shelf made in the 30es style
  • ESOPO: bed base
  • THARGA: study for eye glasses
  • SERIEUNO: steal home furniture
  • SERIEDUE: modular home furniture – study and realization
  • CAROLINA 41: study for motor cruiser of 41ft
  • PHROG: study for sailing yacht of 42ft
  • SAPHPHO: study for sailing yacht of 40ft
  • MOTOBARCA MB11: study and realization for luxury tender of 11ft
  • Studies and renderings for nautical projects