MB21 Levriero

Custom your dreams

MB21 Levriero is a boat with an elegant style and an extremely versatile attitude, conceived to fit different occasions: it is the ideal choice for relaxing days during the anchor, boat trips and for fishing lovers.

The part of the bow hosts a C-shaped seating area that easily turns into a large sunbathing area.

Towards the stern, the boat has a central guide with a back that allows a comfortable and easy ride even when standing. The back of the guide is tilting and allows, according to its position, the use of a second sunbathing area. The central console holds a comfortable seat facing towards the bow and hides, inside it, a very large locker that can also contain a small toilet, upon request.

The two side passages facilitate both access to the water and to the stern beach. The boat has space for 6 people and it is designed for an outboard motor, which can reach a maximum of 150 horsepower.

MB21 Levriero is the second born of the Levriero range and preserves the characteristics of the hull with the butterfly wing of the younger sister, the MB18 Levriero, while the concept of the stern has been revisited, to allow easier access to the sea. The high level of customization, the use of precious woods and the high level of finishes are some of the main features of the Levriero range.

MB21 Levriero is #elegant, #powerful and #agile.

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5,99 m

L hull

6,20 m


2,45 m


6/7 people




1250 Kg c.a.




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