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lorazepam old pills L’attivit√† su OIL and GAS comprende piping, modellazione, e messe in tavola di impianti e macchinari singoli.

lorazepam vademecum dosis Tra le esperienze che si possono citare:

  • studio e sviluppo skid per centraline olio
  • studio e sviluppo skid per compressori
  • studio e sviluppo skid per alimentazione turbine
  • studio e sviluppo impianti produzione acetilene
  • studio e sviluppo piping
  • messe in tavola di sistemi e componenti (fabrication and machining)
  • general arrangements

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The Oil and Gas projects means modelling, piping, and drafting of entire or particular of plants.

Among these experiences we can be report:

  • study and development skid control units for oil
  • study and development for compressor skid
  • study and development skid to supply turbines
  • study and development acetylene production plants
  • study and development¬†piping
  • drafting of plants and component (fabrication and machining)
  • general arrangements